Libra forecast for Friday November 15, 2019

It might not be today. It might not even be tomorrow. But, gradually, you will notice the cosmological version of what sailors call 'a following wind'. Even though your sails might not feel as if they're filled with the energy necessary for you to embark on your next endeavour, you have enough to set out in the right direction. Set your sights on the horizon and put your fear of making decisions aside. There's no reason to question your judgment this weekend. You're on the right course.

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November 14, 2019

We're all passengers on the spaceship planet Earth; on board together as it hurtles around the Sun at great speed. If we had a name for our spacecraft, 'The Good Ship Asylum' might be appropriate... after all most of the people we're travelling with are slightly mad! The old saying; 'you don't have to be crazy to live here, but it helps' is worth bearing in mind today. If you find yourself dealing with some maddeningly irritating people, remember that you're being taken to where you want to be.

November 13, 2019

Recent weeks have left you buffeted and bruised by the enormity of the changes going on around you. You're wondering how you're ever going to keep up the pace. There's too much to remember, and too many consequences to deal with. It feels as if you're surrounded by endless challenging choices. Frankly, it's exhausting. But it's also an exciting time. As Mars and Jupiter link today, the worst is behind you. You can look forward to harvesting and enjoying the fruits of your labour.

November 12, 2019

When you've reached the summit of the mountain, what do you do next? Well... when you've had enough of sitting and enjoying the view from the top, you simply have to start making your way back down. Then, before you know it, once you've got used to being back at ground level, you'll find yourself making your way back up another mountain. That's life! One mountain just isn't enough. Mercury's transit of the Sun has left you in search of some excitement. Don't worry! It's on its way!

Celebrity Libra

Kim Kardashian West 21 October 1980

November 11, 2019

A state of equilibrium is a fine thing; especially when you're born under the sign of the scales. You appreciate moderation and balance, and strive to create it in your life. Yet, when people criticise those who conform to society's norms, whilst others speak out about the folk who hang out on the margins of society, staying calmly balanced in the middle isn't always an easy thing to do. Today's Transit of Mercury indicates a harmonious way to proceed into the future. You just need to focus on what's fair.

November 10, 2019

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus: We've all heard of the dangers of the high seas - but what about the dangers of the high teas? The people of Devon and Cornwall set great store on serving scones with afternoon tea. But one county insists on putting the jam on first, with the cream on top - and the other demands the opposite (I forget which is which). Get it wrong and you're in trouble! Tradition is a wonderful thing. But sometimes it's good to turn things on their head. A contrary approach brings its own tasty treats this week.

November 09, 2019

Your Week Ahead: We employ different tactics when we don't feel able to make decisions. We prevaricate; 'I was going to do this, but then that happened'. Or procrastinate 'I absolutely had to reorganise the cupboards'. This week, as Mercury moves across the face of the Sun, this kind of 'opting out' is not available. To achieve the outcome you want, you're going to have to find the courage to be assertive. Luckily, that's the gift being offered by the cosmos. Accept it, and you'll be surprised by all you can achieve.

November 08, 2019

We all know what the phrase 'a watched pot never boils' means; even though we know it's untrue. It's just that when we focus our attention on it, it seems to boil more slowly. On the other hand, we do know that if we open the oven door to see how the Yorkshire pudding or the souffle is doing, it won't puff up as much as we'd like. That kind of checking is clearly counter-productive. This weekend, don't turn a blind eye to something that needs your attention. But a swift glance will be enough to reassure you.