Aries forecast for Thursday November 21, 2019

Life is more like a film than a photo. Yet, there are times when we find ourselves focusing on a particularly important moment as if it were freeze-framed. Often, this happens as the result of a particularly vivid occurrence in our recent history, or, it's the anticipation of an event in the near future. With the passage of time, as the film unfolds, our attitude changes and we see things from a different perspective. Your choices today, can influence a future outcome in a very effective way.

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November 20, 2019

People use different techniques to justify impulsive behaviour. Phrases such as, 'if you snooze, you lose', typify their attitude to anyone who doesn't do things 'their' way. Even though they're advocating ways to justify over-hasty and under-considered actions, we can't help but be influenced by them. Perhaps that's why exhaustion and overwork define our age. Snoozing is not losing. It's gaining vital rest. As your ruler settles into a new home, you can pace yourself (and feel better for it).

November 19, 2019

There's a great blues song which starts, 'They call it Stormy Monday...' Don't worry, you haven't got your days mixed up... it is Tuesday today! The next line of the song is, 'but Tuesday's just as bad'. In other words, when Monday is a 'bad weather' day, Tuesday will be similar. Fortunately, Monday wasn't that bad - and just to be clear, I'm not talking about the actual weather! In fact, your outlook has been improving for a few days. There are even more rays of sunshine around today.

November 18, 2019

H. G. Wells had no idea that his book, The Time Machine, would be so influential. If he'd had access to more recent scientific developments, he might have been able to build the device he wrote about in such detail. Then, he could have used it to carry himself into the future, and seen the impact of his work with his own eyes! There are moments when all of us would like to have power over time. You might not have as much as you'd like; but you can keep a deadline at bay today.

Celebrity Aries

Victoria Beckham 17 April 1974

November 17, 2019

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus: It's natural to dream about leading a stress-free life. No worries, no distractions, no demands being made of you. What could be better? Yet, in reality, what could be worse! Sure, when there's too much going on, life can feel exhausting. But a little stress is motivational, even crucial for our wellbeing. Recently, you've felt overwhelmed by excessive demands placed on you. But if you look again at some of the pressures you face, you'll discover a gift that will give you fresh insight into your emotional life.

November 16, 2019

Your Week Ahead: While some people spend their lives seeking the secret of eternal youth, others search for the key to happiness. Yet they share the same objective; if we want to stay youthful in spirit, we need to be happy at heart. And if lasting happiness is our goal, we need to keep mentally, physically and spiritually active. Growing older doesn't need to come with a jaded approach to life. As a dynamic Aries, youthfulness is part of who you are. Enjoy the adventures of the week, and you'll grow wiser as well as older.

November 15, 2019

It's frustrating when you find yourself with no charger and no battery in your phone. If only you could call someone, to see if you could borrow their charger... but no! All communication has come to a halt. Aargh! Of course, there's always a solution to the problem. This weekend will involve going out of your way to help other people. The issue is that, in order to offer them the best possible help, you're going to need to ask for help from others! The good news, is that it will be easy to find what you need.

November 14, 2019

Welcome to the future! It starts right here! If that doesn't fill you with enthusiasm, let's look at what's holding you back. Fear comes from the past, or the future. Your concerns about what tomorrow might bring can be set aside; they're imaginary, based on nothing more than projections. Your concerns about yesterday are even more irrelevant. Yet, even though you know they're shadows, it's hard to move on. So how can you free yourself and enjoy the gifts being offered? Forgiveness is key.