Scorpio forecast for Tuesday January 21, 2020

There are moments for reflection, and moments to just get on with it! If you want to move forwards today, don't spend too long thinking things through. As Saturn and Pluto continue to separate, you can let go of any concerns about what's over and done with. Life will let you know if there's something you need to hold onto. Until then, be confident about the path you find yourself moving along, and don't lose focus. Your goal is within reach. Put your positive energy into a chance to move ahead.

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January 20, 2020

When we find ourselves in a spot of bother, it's easy to think that we've done something to deserve it. We recall all the mistakes we've made, and imagine we're paying a fair price for our errors. We become the protagonist in our own story of hardship, woe and strife. Yet, even when we're caught in a fog of downers and depression, it only takes one, single sunny moment to break through the mist and evaporate the clouds. If you don't already know what I mean, you soon will.

January 19, 2020

Your Weekly Love Focus Horoscope: Although a healthy body is supposed to be a sign of a healthy mind, and this is new year - when we all focus on losing weight and getting fitter - for all the positives this creates, overdoing anything, (including going to the gym) also creates negatives. Whether it's too much exercise, box-set bingeing, or over-focusing on your diet, something is out of kilter in your world. But you know how to get the balance back. This week's Dark of the Moon is an ideal time to reflect and plan a change.

January 18, 2020

Your Weekly Horoscope: They say that 'a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush'; and although the circumstances you're dealing with may not be ideal, they're better than nothing. Remember this week, to appreciate what you have. As the Sun moves into innovative Aquarius, it brings the promise of better times ahead. It's just that you can't have everything exactly when you need it; and that's frustrating. Yet as you wait, the choices you're forced to make will become the stepping-stones leading to your ideal future.

Celebrity Scorpio

Ryan Gosling 12 November 1980

January 17, 2020

Every single moment, of every single day contains a choice. We decide whether we're going to enjoy and appreciate what we're doing, or find reasons to criticise and resent it. No matter how stuck we may feel, that choice is always present. It's just sometimes, it's hard to see it. You might be in circumstances that appear to be full of problems and difficulties, yet, if you look more carefully, there's another side to the coin. You can choose to turn something around this weekend.

January 16, 2020

I've been talking about conflict-resolution recently. Carefully, cautiously, I've been trying to encourage the kind of open-hearted diplomacy that enables people to communicate in a respectful, caring way, no matter how different their opinions may be. I don't need to give you this kind of advice, though. You've been working collaboratively with someone whose aims no longer reflect your goals. Don't be afraid to quietly, but firmly, make a stand, today. Speaking your truth will benefit everyone concerned.

January 15, 2020

I remember my uncle finding a 1930s radio in a junk shop. He told all the kids that it could only play old broadcasts from before the war. Of course, we believed him. Then he turned the story round and used it to show us that we should never be fooled into believing things purely on the way that something looks. You're being restricted by an expectation, which is based on what you're seeing. Today's cosmic climate will help you to see behind the scenes and understand what's really going on.

January 14, 2020

Do you really need to be heroic? Do you have to show strength, and embody dedication and determination? Are you compelled to strive to rise to life's challenges, and set an example of perfection for everyone else to follow? Of course, these ideals are excellent targets to have. But under the current, powerful astrological climate, you don't need to be trying so hard to summon your inner resources. If you sit back and reassess, you'll see that you're in a much less problematic situation than you think. A rare cosmic alignment brings New Year hope. Call 1300 017 319.