Taurus forecast for Friday September 18, 2020

Generally speaking it's not a good idea to argue with anyone in law enforcement, or the people who pay us. Yet we humans have such a strong inner desire to capitulate to others that if such people didn't exist, we'd probably invent them! And since the folk who hold positions of power tend to wield their authority with pride, this unhealthy dynamic is reinforced; we want to look up to them with awe, while they look down on us. Don't believe everything the experts tell you this weekend.

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September 17, 2020

Some people like to keep count of the good and bad things that happen to them. They find it satisfying to have a running tally of the favours they've been granted and the hardships they've been dealt. The problem is that if we're not careful we fall into the trap of comparing our misfortunes to other people's and feeling hard done by. It's easy to miscount and blame the cosmos for treating us unfairly. Today, the magical New Moon highlights your blessings. They are worth counting!

September 16, 2020

Even when our education system is having to find creative new ways to teach our kids, the pressure to achieve never goes away. Can they spell? Use long division? Are they better at art than mathematics... and are we all right with that? Yet, if we're so obsessed with grading and assessing, shouldn't we set exams on topics that reflect an ability to get on in life too? Are you generous? Are you kind? Do you see the best in the world around you? That's what you need to focus on today!

September 15, 2020

Is it better to be steadfast and stand your ground, or be flexible and willing to compromise? There's no universal right answer to these questions. I ask because you're facing a dilemma that seems unsolvable and are unsure which tack to take. As Venus, your ruler, links with Uranus, try not to overthink the situation. Your intuition is more powerful than you know. If you free yourself from worrying about what you 'should' or 'shouldn't' do, and instead do what feels right, you can't go far wrong.

Celebrity Taurus

George Clooney 6 May 1961

September 14, 2020

Today's kids are surrounded by technology that we older folk could never have imagined. From touch-screens to voice commands... the next generation of computers will probably be able to read our minds. Whether you like the cyber revolution or not, it takes extraordinary vision to see a different possibility and then work on making it a reality. As an exciting new idea begins to form, it won't take you long to manifest it in your life. You have the innovation and the determination to make it happen.

September 13, 2020

Your Weekly Love Focus Horoscope: Most relationships, whether business, social or romantic, involve a period when each side tries to gauge the depth of interest being shown. No one wants to make a deep commitment only to be met with a lukewarm response. Once it's clear that both parties have similar levels of interest, well, that's when sparks fly and things get interesting. You're at an early stage of a key relationship. Now the time has come to take a risk and declare your hand. If you're sincere you won't be disappointed.

September 12, 2020

Your Weekly Horoscope: We use myths and legends to explain important issues and dilemmas. With the passage of time, we use our own stories in a similar way. When we look back at important incidents, the experiences we've gained can be used to change the way we relate in the present moment. But we don't always draw the right conclusions; sometimes we learn the wrong lesson. The New Moon enables you to revisit a piece of your history, review what happened, and change the way you approach a key relationship.

September 11, 2020

Some of the greatest buildings have never, technically, been finished. Westminster Abbey was built in 1080, expanded beyond recognition in 1245, turned into a cathedral in the 16th century, and continues to be embellished. It goes to show that nothing is ever perfect. In fact, some architects deliberately leave a section unfinished to acknowledge the idea that there's always room for improvement. Something in your life may not be 'finished', but it's perfect on your terms. Enjoy it this weekend.

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