Cancer forecast for Saturday June 06, 2020

Your Weekly Horoscope: 'The moving finger writes and, having writ, moves on,' is a line from an ancient poem by Omar Khayyam. It implies that a message remains the same for all eternity. Does the same principle apply in these days of endless emails and texts? Surely we have the power to edit, even delete information as situations change? You've been hearing one version of a story, but it is not the only version that could be told. In this powerful time between eclipses, you can find a way towards a different, better outcome.

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June 05, 2020

Although having faith causes miracles to happen, there are times when it seems that no matter how much effort we put into hoping, praying and trying our best, we're unable to bring about the change we wish to see. Yet, in spite of an apparent lack of celestial assistance, we still need to keep faith in what we're hoping to achieve. The powerful Lunar Eclipse delivers you the power, this weekend, to smooth a challenging situation. You just need to have the right faith in the right thing.

June 04, 2020

Some people think that the longer we wait for things to come into our lives, the more we'll appreciate them. Others prefer to live with the idea of seizing the moment, and 'never putting off until tomorrow anything that can be done today'. Yet these two ideas aren't at opposite ends of the spectrum. They complement one another. The wisest approach involves seizing opportunities whilst being able to understand and accept inevitable delays. The Lunar Eclipse encourages you to find the right balance.

June 03, 2020

Before we're able to see light at the end of the tunnel, we must first endure the dark. To appreciate the warmth of the sun, we must have known the cold of winter. In the same way, we can't fix something until we've understood what's gone wrong. It sounds simple; yet, when we find ourselves dealing with unsatisfactory situations, we often convince ourselves that things are better than they are. Then, we forget to try to move on and become trapped in mediocrity. Keep alert for a new process today.

Celebrity Cancer

Benedict Cumberbatch 19 July 1976

June 02, 2020

When people want to dismiss someone's actions they criticise them by saying that 'they don't know what they're doing'. Or describe them as 'sailing too close to the wind'. They're trying to infer that because the person isn't completely prepared for the task they've taken on, they are incompetent and doomed to fail. Whilst it might be desirable to thoroughly research the best way to achieve your goal today, in leaving a space for the unknown you'll be able to be spontaneous. That will work in your favour.

June 01, 2020

Years ago, a group of friends and I took a vow of silence. It lasted a whole 24 hours without anyone breaking it. We challenged ourselves by going shopping and even played in the park. It was extraordinary how well we managed to communicate with gestures and signs. In these days of social distancing and mask-wearing, it's not always easy to see what people are thinking. Even though there's nothing wrong when we don't speak to one another, be sure to communicate your needs clearly today.

May 31, 2020

Your Weekly Love Focus Horoscope: Even the best skeleton key in the world will only open certain types of lock. Similarly, although your legendary charm can lower the defences of almost everyone you meet, some need more work. Though you act with compassion, not everyone moves as swiftly as you, and you need to give a certain someone time to think. As long as you don't try to hurry things, you should get the response you desire. The Lunar Eclipse enables you to allow emotional matters to unfold at their own natural pace.

May 30, 2020

Your June Monthly Horoscope: Since the dawn of time, people have dreamt about being able to fly. Ancient legends relate stories about creatures that are half-human and half-bird. Yet it was only in 1783 that we first managed to leave the surface of the planet in a hot-air balloon. Sometimes, it takes a long time for something that seems impossible to become a reality. With June's powerful Solstice occurring as the Sun moves into your sign, nothing is impossible. Spread your wings and, metaphorically at least, you can fly.