Sagittarius forecast for Sunday January 26, 2020

Your Weekly Love Focus Horoscope: Life is rarely a steady progression of advances; it is much more like a roller-coaster ride. And, occasionally, there can be more downs than ups. But sometimes, after ages of apparent inaction, there are great leaps forward. As an intuitive Sagittarian, you are especially in tune with your instinct about moments like that. And this week's helpful conjunction between Venus and Neptune is making you even more sensitive to a gut-feeling that something good is about to happen. Trust your intuition.

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January 25, 2020

Your Weekly Horoscope: 'Some people are born great, some achieve greatness and some have greatness thrust upon them'. You've been holding back from getting involved in a situation that's demanding your attention. Your reluctance is easy to understand; you've only just managed to release yourself from a long-standing commitment, and this looks as if it will require a similar level of involvement. Yet Shakespeare's words contain great advice. When you do your best, you feel great. You can make a real difference.

January 24, 2020

Most people would agree that the world would be a much better place if we treated one another more kindly. And, if we're already being kind, perhaps we need to be even kinder. We can accomplish a lot of positive progress simply by being nice and empathic. In contrast, what can be gained by being nasty except more nastiness? We tend to think that nastiness takes advantage of niceness - that it's stronger. But if the niceness is really nice, nothing can beat it. Trust in that this weekend.

January 23, 2020

When we've been through a painful experience, it's hardly surprising that we try to avoid going through it again. 'Once bitten, twice shy'. It's why people who have no first-hand experience tend to be more gung-ho. Yet, when you've been bitten, and made a full recovery, you're armed with insight that can make you feel less intimidated than someone who can only imagine the situation and anticipate the worst-case scenario. Something from your past can make your future better.

Celebrity Sagittarius

Taylor Swift 13 December 1989

January 22, 2020

Suppose your car has a problem with the fuel indicator. It's showing empty when you actually have half a tank left. Is that a big problem? Well... it depends on whether you're able to retrain yourself to overlook the warnings you're being given and rely on your own knowledge. You're trying to find your way around a less-than-ideal situation. In a perfect world, you'd like to get it sorted ASAP. Yet there's an easy way to cope with what's going on. It's just going to take a minor adjustment.

January 21, 2020

Although popular culture might suggest otherwise, there's more to life than just being successful. Happiness and integrity are far more valuable qualities; and neither are guaranteed by-products of success. But I don't need to tell you this; you're fully aware of such distinctions. The choices you're facing relate to matters of personal principle and preference. As Saturn and Pluto slowly separate from one another, they create a space for you to honour your deepest feelings.

January 20, 2020

It's not easy to define success or to comprehend why some people seem to achieve it more easily than others. It's not just a question of talent; some highly gifted folk never have their abilities recognised, while others, who have fewer skills, gain fame and fortune. Does it all come down to 'who we know'? Perhaps, but there are well-connected people who 'fail'. The single, most important ingredient that's essential in any recipe for success is belief in yourself. Having faith in your talents will take you far.

January 19, 2020

Your Weekly Love Focus Horoscope: Imagine that you're holding a ball, when another more brightly-coloured ball comes bouncing your way. In order to catch it, you need to drop the one you're holding. Should you take a risk and try to catch the new one? Suppose it's no better than the ball you had? Something new is coming over the horizon... but at what point should you ignore it and treasure what you have? This isn't about better or newer... it's about commitment. Take a moment to reflect before making a decision this week.