Taurus forecast for Tuesday October 26, 2021

It's hard to keep up with technological changes. Last year's cutting edge gadgets are next year's antiques. Thank goodness our principles and priorities aren't as easy to replace as our phones and computers! You're starting to wonder if your attitude towards a key relationship is outmoded. Do you need to change with the times? As your ruling planet, Venus, prepares to link with mysterious Neptune, it brings insight and a more optimistic vision of the future. If you stick with what you know, you'll find reassuring reasons to keep believing.

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October 25, 2021

Given the diversity of university courses, you'd have thought they'd have cottoned on to the importance of teaching practical life-skills. Why don't they teach us how to manage our finances and juggle the pressures of family, work and personal space? Surely there ought to be degrees in relaxation techniques? Apparently, these are subjects and techniques we have to learn for ourselves. Today, if you're feeling overloaded, cosmic help's available. If you ask, someone will show you a shortcut that could help you lead a less stressful life.

October 24, 2021

Your Weekly Love Focus Horoscope: Just because Mercury's moving forward again doesn't mean all communications will be without mistakes or misunderstandings. You might well be feeling somewhat in the dark about a recent development; as if you're playing catch-up... trying to get to grips with a changing situation. The key to success this week - as your ruler, Venus, links with Neptune, a sensitive approach is required in the quest for more accurate information. A tactful attitude will lead to clarity and shared understanding. You have the skills to sort out any mix-ups with ease.

October 23, 2021

Your Weekly Horoscope: As Venus, your ruler, links with Neptune, and the Sun moves into your opposite sign, the intensity levels of your life are ratcheted up a notch. Whatever you do, there will be a development that takes you by surprise. Or an unpredictable dramatic element that throws you off guard. With the people around you feeling extra sensitive, you might feel as if you're treading on eggshells. Yet it's vital not to let anyone (or anything) undermine your self-confidence. If you act as if you're on top of everything, you soon will be!

Celebrity Taurus

George Clooney 6 May 1961

October 22, 2021

Catching a fly isn't easy. Every time we get close to one, it buzzes out of reach. You find yourself trying to catch hold of something similarly elusive. Or maybe you're doing your best to extricate yourself from a tricky situation - only to find that you're trapped in the equivalent of a glass jar. Either way, you're being tested. Fortunately, you're a wise Taurean, with oodles of patience. What's that? Yours is wearing thin? This weekend, as the Sun settles into a new sign, you find the energy to do what you want to do, with success.

October 21, 2021

When Louis Armstrong first sang 'What A Wonderful World' back in 1967, the lyric 'the colours of the rainbow, so pretty in the sky, are also on the faces, of people passing by' was intended as a powerful counterpoint to the racial discrimination of the time. Yet, we still find it all too easy to see markers of difference as things that divide rather than enrich us. You'd think we'd have learned to value the gifts each individual brings by now. Today, you get to see that your differences with someone are a valuable asset. Teamwork is key.

October 20, 2021

Members of your sign are rightly proud of their ability to articulate their emotions. But we shouldn't confuse that with being impolite. If anything, the reverse is true. If you think your emotional response might cause offence, you're quick to shut it down and hide it away. And what of those rare occasions when you don't quite know how you're feeling? Well, you tend to disguise your uncertainty. The Full Moon encourages a full and frank conversation that will clear the air and alleviate a burden you may not even know you're carrying.

October 19, 2021

There aren't many palaces for queens (or kings). And if you come across one, there's a good chance that it will need some major renovation work before you can move in. In reality, they tend to be draughty places, with no central heating; and they're full of cavernous chambers which are hard to fill with adequately-sized sofas. We all learned about such abodes from fairy stories, and those images live on in our imaginations and subtly affect our attitude to our own lives. Today, if you embrace what's real, you can wave a magic wand.

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