24 of October - 22 of November scorpio

Scorpio forecast for Friday February 03, 2023

We all want to do the 'right' and 'sensible' thing. No one wants to get caught in pointless feuds, or unnecessary processes. Yet if we closely examine any plan we'll find something wrong with it. So, does that mean that the best way to protect ourselves from the frustration of identifying a futile project is to stop thinking about whether the project has a point? This weekend, keep your eyes open (even if it involves seeing things you'd prefer not to see). But trust that whatever you're involved with, you're implicated for a good reason.

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February 02, 2023

The expression, 'life is just a bowl of cherries' reminds us that we can't tell, from looking, whether an experience is going to be sweet or sour. In order to find out we have to bite into the cherry. Over time, we get more adept at the art of picking the sweet ones, but there will always be a chance that we'll choose a sour one. There are some things you can't be completely certain about right now. But that doesn't mean you should feel disheartened. Where you have a strong instinct, trust it. Your discrimination is powerful.

February 01, 2023

In trying to see how a situation's developing, it's tempting to keep prodding and probing the people involved. But a good baker knows that cakes don't bake properly when the oven door keeps being opened to check on their progress. And, in seeking validation of an idea, you've been left with more questions than answers. Would you mind reminding me, why you once found it so convincing? But that's not fair! Your idea doesn't need to be questioned or explained. Have faith in yourself. You're in a better position than you think.

January 31, 2023

You're sometimes criticised for your ability to see better ways of doing things. But you can't stop yourself from seeing how to make improvements. It's a powerful talent and a rare blessing. It's just that people don't always want to hear the truth. They prefer to find out the hard way, in their own time and out of their own experience. You've learnt to respect this. And have developed ways to be discreet about your discriminatory skills. Today, though, it's vital that you draw an urgent matter to the attention of a certain person. Be bold.

Celebrity Scorpio

Ryan Gosling 12 November 1980

January 30, 2023

Sudoku. Chess. Crosswords. For some people, problem-solving is a stimulating way of passing the time. Working out the right answers is so satisfying it can be addictive. Which is fine when the puzzle comes from a newspaper or website. It's when real people and real life situations are involved that it becomes problematic. If there's nothing to sort out, they might even create their own problems, just to give themselves something to do. Could you be growing concerned about an issue that doesn't matter as much as you think?

January 29, 2023

Your Weekly Love Focus Horoscope: How's your 'to-do' list looking? These days there are organisational apps that can link your tasks to a support network and an online diary so that you can maximise your time and skills. In some ways, though, it was easier in the pre-computer days when there were just three trays on our metaphorical desks: In. Out. And Pending. Are you procrastinating rather than dealing with an overflowing emotional In-tray? Are you putting off talking to someone because it feels difficult? Be brave. It's by starting the communication process that you'll find a solution.

January 28, 2023

Your February Monthly Horoscope: Sometimes our nearest and dearest can be obstacles to our progress. When we do things differently, they feel uncomfortable. Their insecurities can manifest as criticisms that prevent us from experimenting with new ideas. Yet, when we have their support, there's nothing we can't achieve. In February, with all the planets moving forwards, the cosmos extends an invitation. You can take tangible steps towards the advancement of a long-held plan. As long as you invite people with you on this journey, they'll be surprisingly supportive.

January 27, 2023

New technology. There's always something we don't understand that other (younger) people seem to adapt to with ease. It seems that these days, every new situation demands us to process fresh information. Yet the most complicated piece of equipment is nothing like as complex as normal human relationships! These are the ultimate challenge. Even simple interactions are fraught with unknowns. This weekend brings an opportunity to gain insight into someone's operating system - with surprisingly positive consequences.