Sagittarius forecast for Tuesday October 26, 2021

Few things in life are easy. Sometimes even our simplest plans are beset by impediments. Things often end up taking much longer than we anticipate. And we always seem to end up investing more energy and money than we'd expected - all of which is particularly frustrating for optimistic, forward-thinking Sagittarians. The good news is that with Venus in your sign, preparing to make a link with imaginative Neptune, you're about to be inspired to find a way to leapfrog over an obstacle that's been delaying your progress. Phew!

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October 25, 2021

Every good teacher knows that the best way to keep their pupils engaged is to make the lessons fun. And here at the University of Life, the pedagogical methods are kept rigorously up to date. So, if students aren't finding their tutelage scintillating and exciting, maybe it's because they got out of the wrong side of their beds! We all have a responsibility to engage with the world around us. So, if you don't understand what you're being taught today, don't be afraid to ask for assistance. The expert advice you need is available.

October 24, 2021

Your Weekly Love Focus Horoscope: Uh-oh! A series of recent misunderstandings seems to have come to a head. At times like this, comedian Victor Borge's advice is invaluable: he said 'Laughter is the shortest distance between two people'. Since you don't want anyone to think you're laughing at their expense, the best way to turn the heat down is by smiling, and by generously acknowledging your part in the proceedings. As the Sun moves into a new home, your honesty will not only be appreciated, it will enlighten a tense situation. And a lighter mood will lead to laughter.

October 23, 2021

Your Weekly Horoscope: Self-confidence has got to be right at the top of the list of qualities we want to possess. It might not be the be-all and end-all of everything, but it's hard to think of situations where it doesn't help. Luckily, members of your sign tend to be a confident lot; not everyone has your assurance and self-belief. If you've been feeling a bit low and uncharacteristically uncertain recently, this week, someone from your past pops back into your life and reminds you of how you helped them when they were low. The confidence you need will follow.

Celebrity Sagittarius

Taylor Swift 13 December 1989

October 22, 2021

As a Sagittarian, you love things to keep moving and changing. You're irritated by processes that take ages to unfold... and repetition can drive you bananas. This weekend, you may find yourself having to deal with a situation that you recognise from the past. It needs resolving, but the solution isn't obvious (otherwise, you'd have already implemented it)! Yet, if you can access some patience, and remind yourself that dramatic action doesn't always lead to the best outcomes, you'll find that you have the ability and skills required.

October 21, 2021

According to tradition, fairy queens travel on the backs of swans. These beautiful birds fly in such a majestic way that they're mentioned in ancient myths and have a special connection with royalty. Yet, even when they appear to be gliding elegantly across water, beneath the surface, they're paddling like crazy. Life's filled with things we can't see. Instead of believing the evidence before your eyes today, look for what's hidden out of view. Just because you can't see a fairy waving a magic wand doesn't mean there isn't one!

October 20, 2021

You're on an all expenses paid trip of a lifetime to the Maldives. You've got your own private island. The ocean's crystal clear, perfectly warm, and a dazzling azure blue. You're staying in a luxurious hotel, with a restaurant serving delicious local delicacies. But... if you look carefully enough, you'll notice that the towels are slightly faded. And what about those leaves floating in the pool? Could a tiny flaw irreparably blight an otherwise exciting opportunity today? Make sure you focus on the big picture rather than the details.

October 19, 2021

Even Sagittarians need to take their time sometimes. If not, someone else will take it for you. You're prone to getting entangled in 'urgent' dramas that take up copious amounts of your energy but which leave you feeling frustrated. The way to protect yourself from repeating this pattern is to be as relaxed as you can be. With the growing Full Moon adding to the powerful cosmic climate, your energy levels are high. Instead of focusing your attention on other people, think about what you need. Here comes an opportunity you've been waiting for.

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