23 of November - 21 of December sagittarius

Sagittarius forecast for Friday October 07, 2022

We talk about reaching 'the end of the line' as if it's an ultimate, defined place. But if we ever get close to it, we realise that there's always a bit further to go. You're concerned that the metaphorical train you're riding on is heading into buffers. Or that a complex situation is reaching its crescendo. But the Full Moon highlights your ability to negotiate, wriggle, and manoeuvre. Sometimes, it's only by imagining that an end is in sight that we see the chance of a new beginning. This weekend brings an exciting option. Run with it.

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October 06, 2022

We're always on the lookout for health and safety risks, possible difficulties, and potential dangers. Rules and regulations are created to make our existence on this spinning ball of rock as safe as possible. Yet we can't control nature... and, as wild life documentaries remind us, there are powerful forces at work that we can only watch in awe. Is human nature similarly uncontrollable? You're putting a lot of energy into trying to protect someone (or something). Is it time to redirect that energy and consider your own needs?

October 05, 2022

Two plus two equals eight. Obviously, I'm talking about pairs of shoes. Now you could argue that although there are eight shoes, there are only four pairs. But that's splitting hairs. And anyway, where are these shoes? Have you got them? Or have I? You can't see how many shoes I'm looking at. And if they're in front of you, why can't you just count them instead of trying to do a complex calculation? Or, to put it another way, try not to ask too many difficult questions today. There's a simple solution... and it's right before your eyes.

October 04, 2022

If there were no laws, there would be no need for law enforcement. If there were no illnesses, there'd be no need for doctors. See how easy it is to make clear and simple statements that shift the onus and twist the reality? Where in your world, today, might a 'simple truth' be more complicated than someone's letting on? Don't be afraid to question neatly wrapped narratives. You're smart enough not to be fooled by an over-simplification. And you've got the knowledge to understand why white-washing the facts won't work. Ready now... completely free audio and video forecasts. Go to ozfree.cainer.com

Celebrity Sagittarius

Taylor Swift 13 December 1989

October 03, 2022

They say 'time is a great healer'. But it has other, almost magical properties. The passage of time can bring about the most incredible transformations. Sometimes, though, you have a rather tricky relationship with time, not least because you tend to speed through life at a frenetic pace. Multi-tasking, which is one of your assets, doesn't come easily to everyone. Neither does the ability to juggle lots of different ideas at the same time. You're hoping that a dream will come true. It will... but you need to think in terms of weeks (not days).

October 02, 2022

Your Weekly Love Focus Horoscope: You've got every right to be a bit grumpy. Your natural optimism has recently been 'rewarded' with a series of let-downs. Nothing too grave, but when a few knock-backs have accumulated, you could be forgiven for thinking that life isn't particularly 'fair'. The main difficulties have been caused by communication problems. Messages have been going astray, and actions have been misinterpreted. Now that Mercury, the planet of communication, is moving forwards again, you'll be able to heal any unresolved issues with surprising ease. Life is on the up!

October 01, 2022

Your October Monthly Horoscope: With Jupiter approaching the final stage of its retrograde journey, October brings chances to reflect and move on from unhelpful aspects of the past. The month begins with Venus linking with your ruler, bringing valuable support plus meaningful connections with people who energise and excite you. When you realise how much potential the next adventure holds, you'll realise why you need to shed burdens, and be free to embrace the opportunities ahead. And you'll have the company you need to support you along the way.

September 30, 2022

We teach kids to tidy up after themselves. They might not like doing it, and throw a tantrum or two, but they're learning a valuable life skill. There's a risk, though, that over-enforcing high standards might leave them feeling self-conscious and hyper-sensitive. They might be left with inner anxieties about not being able to meet other people's expectations. And this concern can be carried into adulthood. This weekend, you have a choice: you can do the right, neat, tidy thing. Or break a rule and take a risk. I know what I'd suggest...

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