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Best mattress toppers 2022 for the perfect night’s sleep

Is it bed time yet?

Mattress toppers can sometimes go under the radar, but they should be part and parcel when you are buying new bedding. 

Mattress toppers are a fraction of the price of a mattress, and well worth investing in for those who want to renew their existing mattress, but on a budget.

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They work to give your bed a new lease of life, adding an extra layer of support, and comfort to the base, especially if you suffer from any back pain. 

Plus, with the warm weather in the UK, we are looking for solutions to help keep us cool and sleep easy at night, and mattress toppers can help with that too. 

There are a whole host of mattress toppers out there; from memory foam to cooling and orthopedic variations. Nap time never felt so appealing. 

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How often should I change the mattress topper?

It has been recommended by The Sleep Council to replace your mattress every seven years, but there are mixed reviews on how long your mattress topper will last. 

The same council believe you can keep your mattress topper for longer if you regularly plump, and rotate it. Plus, using a mattress protector on top will also provide extra protection from any spills or stains. 

However, Crafted Beds has claimed you need to change your mattress topper every three to five years.

We advise keeping a check on it, as you will feel when your mattress no longer provides the support and comfort it once did. 

What type of mattress topper is best?

There are plenty of mattress toppers to shop, but it can be overwhelming to know exactly which type is best suited to you.

From memory foam designs, to egg crate, wool and fleece toppers, shoppers are spoilt for choice. 

Memory foam mattress toppers are arguably the most popular mattress toppers as they work in the same way as memory foam mattresses, and provide an extra layer of support and cushioning, which gently moulds to your body.  

Egg Crate mattress toppers have a more nodular foam surface, which resembles an egg box - hence the name. While they may not be as flexible, they are usually the most affordable option. 

The wool or fleece mattress toppers are ideal for those looking for extra comfort, as well as a cool nest to settle down in after a long day in the warmer months.

Feather mattress toppers are soft to the touch and lightweight, and provide the luxury hotel-like experience, while cotton creations are breathable, soft, and hypoallergenic. 

Best mattress toppers

Simba Sleep, Silentnight, Panda, M&S and John Lewis, have some of the best mattress toppers to shop online and in store. Whether you are shopping for memory foam, or luxe feather and goose down designs for a luxury feel, there is plenty to choose from. Plus, there are various sizes to suit all bed sizes; from single to king size. 

We have curated the best mattress toppers for every shoppers' needs, from bestsellers to those with top reviews across memory foam, cooling mattress tops and those for back pain. 

Best memory foam mattress toppers


THE SIMBA Hybrid Topper, £148.85, Simba


Simba’s Hybrid mattress has been recognised as one of the best mattresses amongst customers, so we have high hopes for the brand’s mattress topper. 

Not only does this provide support for sleepers, but the open cell foam also works to keep you cool at night. It's the triple threat we never knew we needed, but desperately want. 


Memory Foam Mattress Topper, £100, Dunelm 


For those hunting for a basic, but efficient, memory foam mattress topper, Dunelm’s design is the answer. 

Not only is it affordable, but it is easy to attach to your mattress, it is durable, and comes with a protector to keep it fresher for longer. 

Soak and Sleep 

Memory Foam Mattress Topper, £71.26, Soak and Sleep 


Soak and Sleep’s Memory Foam Mattress Topper boasts an impressive five-zone memory foam support, which moulds to the shape of your body and relives pressure on your joints.

Prices start at an affordable £70, which we think is a small price to pay for a restful snooze.


The mattress topper, £149, Eve


Eve has made it super simple to shop a mattress topper as there is only one design to choose from, and it’s a memory foam design. 

However, this memory foam creation not only provides support and comfort, it's said to be 30 times more breathable, which means you stay cooler for longer. 


Argos Home 5cm Memory Foam Mattress Topper, £45, Argos 


A mattress topper can give your mattress a new lease of life, and with prices as low as £45 it’s well worth investing in. 

This memory foam design adapts to your body, and any movements you make in your sleep, keeping you comfortable at all times. It boasts a thickness of 5cm so you will feel like you’re sinking into a marshmallow the next time you catch those all-important z’s.  


Impress 5cm Memory Foam Mattress Topper, £100, Silentnight


Silentnight is one of the leading brands when it comes to bedding, which is why we are head over heels for this deep memory foam mattress topper. 

It is not only comfortable, but also hypoallergenic, which is ideal for those with any allergies that keep them up at night. 

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Memory Foam Mattress Topper, £59.99, Wayfair 


For those who find they can’t get out of the deep mattresses, or mattress topper, it may be worth investing in this 2cm deep mattress topper, which still provides the necessary support, and adjusts to the contours of your body for the perfect sleep. 

It's simple, but effective. 


Deep Contour Memory Foam Mattress Topper, from £139, M&S


M&S’ Memory Foam Mattress Topper ticks all the boxes in our opinion as it is made from an absorbent memory foam, which adjusts to the shape of your body, provides comfort, but also returns to the original shape when you get up and out. 

It also features deep-cut channels, which enables air to circulate through the topper, keeping you cool at night. 

Best cooling mattress toppers


Comfortably Cool Mattress Topper, £65, M&S 


Staying cool at night can be difficult, especially in the summer months, which is why a breathable mattress topper is a must. 

This design has been created with Climate Control technology to help regulate your body temperature, while the cotton provides a soft layer for added comfort. 


​​Gel Fusion Memory Foam Mattress Topper, £125, Dunelm 


Dunelm’s Gel Fusion Memory Foam topper is ideal for those looking for extra comfort, and the feeling of being hugged to sleep, as this design allows your body to sink deep into the mattress. 

The gel particles work to regulate your body temperature while you sleep as they disperse your body heat throughout the design, which, combined with the ventilation holes' increased airflow, promises to cool you down. 


Velfont Siberia Temperature Regulating Cotton Mattress Topper, £115 to £200, John Lewis 


Velfont’s Temperature Regulating Mattress Topper was allegedly developed for NASA, according to the website. So, if it is good enough to take you to space, it’s good enough for us. 

This design features an outer cover made from Outlast cotton, which helps to regulate body temperature, and draw moisture away from the body, to help you sleep better. While the Neotherm filling, which has an anti-dustmite treatment, is beneficial for those who suffer from allergies. 


Aidapt 5.0cm Memory Foam Cool Mattress Topper, £43, Argos


Aidapt’s Mattress Topper is a hybrid design, as it not only has a two inch memory foam design, but also has an egg crate texture, for those wanting the best of both. 

The creation also has gel infused beads to regulate the body’s temperature while you sleep. Meaning no more night sweats. 


​​Slumberdown Hydrocool Medium Support Mattress Topper, £75, Argos


Slumberdown is another firm favourite bedding brand, and it’s no surprise why. 

This mattress topper is not only soft to the touch, but also features HydraCool technology to absorb moisture from the body, while also providing medium support for a comfortable eight hours snooze.

Best mattress toppers for back pain


Rebound Mattress Topper, £50, Dunelm 


Dunelm’s Rebound Mattress Topper may sound appealing, and it is. 

This design has been created to relieve tension in pressure points while you sleep, so no more aches and pains keeping you up at night. 


Dormeo Octasmart Plus Mattress Topper, £339, Dunelm 


Dormeo’s Octasmart Mattress Topper is a hybrid design, featuring 4cm deep octasprings and memory foam, which provides extra support to those with back pain. 

Not only is it supportive, but it aims to be breathable, keep you cool, and has anti-allergy properties. Yes, yes, yes and YES.

John Lewis

Specialist Synthetic 5-Zone Support Memory Foam Mattress Topper, £100 to £165, John Lewis 


This Specialist Memory Foam Mattress Topper ticks all the boxes for those looking for homeware to provide optimum support to ease their aches and pains. 

The topper has been designed with five expertly cut zones on different levels to mould to your body and alleviate any tension. 


The Topper, from £89.96, Panda


Panda’s the Topper has garnered glowing reviews - over 5,000 to be clear - so this is certainly one not to miss for those with back pain. 

The Hydro-foam provides support to your upper body, while also working to align your hips as you sleep, while the gel-infused technology keeps you cool, alongside the breathable bamboo cover.  


Slumberdown Airstream Memory Fibre Mattress Topper, £75, Argos


Slumberdown’s Airstream Mattress Topper has been described as “super bloomin’ dooper”, as it aims to relieve pain and pressure, while also regulating your body temperature. 

The Airstream Memory advanced technology provides pressure relief, while springy enough so you can move if you need to, while the breathable fibres allows air to flow freely keeping you cooler as you sleep. 

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Emma Flip Topper, £154.50, Emma 


Emma is another popular bedding brand we know and love. 

The Emma Flip Topper suits every sleeper, as it is made from malleable memory foam, which provides comfort and support, Airgocell foam to regulate your temperature, and the addition of Zero Gravity foam, which provides extra support for those with back pains.

If you want extra help to ease your aches, flip the topper over so the Zero Gravity foam is at the top for an even firmer feel. 

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