Why Holly Willoughby cried during her last This Morning show before summer break

This is so lovely!

Emmy Griffiths

Holly Willoughby teared up during her last episode of This Morning ahead of going on her summer holiday break – but for a very good reason! The show did a segment on the Catcote Academy, who were fundraising to give their students, who have additional needs, opportunities to express themselves through performing. The school has a GoFundMe page to reach their goal of £5000, which reads: "Money raised will go towards putting on more performances including a musical next Spring/Summer featuring our 6th Form Performing Arts Students, following the huge success of our musical this year. Please give what you can and help put a smile on their faces!"

Holly and her co-presenter, Phillip Schofield, revealed that This Morning had made up the extra money they needed to reach their goal, along with another very special surprise. Phil said: "We've got a bit of a surprise for everyone because as a gift before we head off for the summer we'd like to make up the difference with This Morning the show and top up your funds to the £5000 you need. In fact, if you have a look at your Just Giving Page, we've already done it! You've got your target!"

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Holly and Phil's summer break starts on Monday

Holly added: "Just a little bit extra as well. Phil and I, watching that, were so moved by the incredible work that you do, we'd also like to give, between us, the five thousand for the next year. That's two years of funding because you're just amazing so keep up the incredible work!" While Holly teared up at the students' delighted reaction, Phil said: "We think you're amazing, we think you're incredible. Lots of love, you are sorted for two years!" Viewers were quick to praise the lovely gesture, with one writing: "What amazing team at itv and also fantastic gift to the school in Hartlepool, from Holly and Phil." Another person added: "Fair play to Phil and Holly for that, made me cry! #thismorning."

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