This Morning reduces Holly Willoughby to tears with April Fool's prank

Poor Holly didn't see it coming at all!

Emmy Griffiths

Holly Willoughby was left in tears on Monday's This Morning after she was completely hoodwinked by a hilarious prank. The segment saw Carol Elliott – played by an actress – go for a brand new makeover for a school reunion. However, 'Carol' burst into tears when she saw her look on live TV, and Holly quickly intervening to help her out. Trying to cheer Carol up, Holly said: "You have a whole wardrobe and people push you out of your comfort zone, it all happens a bit quickly… Please don't worry. What we'll do is, we'll take you downstairs and you can be in charge and you can go through the rails and you can have a look and find something that you like, and if it's the make-up, the hair, or anything, we can change it."

Holly kindly reassured her while trying to deal with the disastrous situation, adding: "You look really beautiful but I know how it feels when it's not quite right." However, disaster struck yet again when the pair were driven to a special lunch – only for their car to crash! When Holly saw the crash, she gasped, saying: "Oh my God, what is happening," before suggesting they go to a break. However, Phil jumped in and revealed it was an April Fool's Day prank, causing the TV presenter to break down in tears of relief.

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Holly tried to help out poor Carol

She said: "Oh my God this is so awful. Oh my God, I was panicking so much. Oh my God you – I can't swear but I really want to. I can't believe you've just done that to me… That's the best slash worst April Fool's ever." She then joked: "I hate you all! I can't tell you, that was so awful. It's too easy. Well done though! It's a lovely car that you've just trashed. I'm so relieved that wasn't real."

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