Claire Foy scared by the Queen - but it's not what you might think!

Claire Foy played the Queen in The Crown seasons one and two

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Claire Foy received worldwide recognition for her role as a young Queen Elizabeth II in the hit Netflix show The Crown, but little did she know that the part would come back to scare her! The First Man actress was chatting on the Ellen DeGeneres Show about the Golden Globe when a man dressed as the Queen burst out of a side table to give her a fright! The terrified star screamed in response as the audience laughed, and told the show's host, Ellen DeGeneres: "I have literally just had a heart attack! Who was that person? He really meant that I felt! He was really aggressive."


Claire had a scare from the Queen

Watching a replay of the moment, Ellen pointed out that he was dressed as the Queen, to which Claire replied: "It's a good sign I didn't run for the exit." Claire recently opened up about passing the role of the Queen onto Olivia Colman, who will star as the monarch for the third and fourth seasons of the show. Chatting on The Graham Norton Show, she said: "It's been a year and half ago since we finished [The Crown]. I do miss everybody but it goes on. I hear amazing things. Olivia is loving it I think and is having an amazing time. I genuinely think that when it starts people will say, 'Who was it that played it before?'"

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Claire also spoke about swapping her crown for tattoos for The Girl in the Spider's Web, explaining: "Originally I thought, 'Not on your nelly!' Not because of the contrast, which would have been extreme anyway, but it was more the fact that two other actresses have played the character to great acclaim and, because it is such a loved set of novels, you are going into it thinking you can only lose."

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