BBC releases first trailer for intense thriller The Capture

Watch the new trailer for the drama here

Emmy Griffiths

We have been looking forward to this one! The first trailer for the BBC drama The Capture is finally here, and see's Strike star Holliday Grainger play Rachel, a detective inspector tasked with bringing down a suspect for assault and kidnap. After using surveillance to track down Shaun, a soldier who was previously accused of murder before the case was overturned, she begins to doubt herself, and the evidence, as he adamantly insists on his innocence. The first trailer of the surveillance thriller shows how the man behind the crime, Shaun, says that he is being "set up".


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The official synopsis reads: "When proud British soldier Shaun Emery's conviction for a murder in Afghanistan is successfully overturned due to flawed video evidence, he begins to plan for his life as a free man with his six year old daughter. However, when damning CCTV footage emerges from an incident in London, it isn't long before Shaun finds himself fighting for his freedom once more, only with lies, betrayal and corruption spreading further than he ever could have imagined."

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It continues: "With DI Rachel Carey drafted in to investigate in what could be a career-defining case, she must discover if there is more to the shocking evidence than first meets the eye. Rachel will soon learn that the truth is merely a matter of perspective - before deciding what hers is. With an adamant Shaun battling with his tormented past in order to clear his name once and for all, The Capture looks at a troubling world of misinformation, fake news, and the extraordinary technological capabilities of the intelligence services. In the post-truth era and when criminal justice relies so heavily on video evidence, can we always believe what we see?" The six-part thriller has yet to receive an airdate, but fans have spoken about how much they are looking forward to the series, with one writing: "We can't wait to see it," while another added: "Yes, yes, and yes."

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