The Widow fans have a mixed reaction to season finale

What did you think of The Widow's season finale?

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The Widow fans were left confused on Tuesday night after the final episode of the popular ITV show aired. The show followed a widowed woman, Georgia, as she traveled to the Democratic Republic of Congo to try and track down her husband, who she thought had died in a plane crash. While the penultimate episode heartbreakingly revealed that Will was indeed still alive, but had a new partner and a baby, the final was focused on Georgia's determination to expose the plane accident's conspiracy. After finding out about Will's survival, his business partner Judith revealed that she knew the whereabouts of young Adidja, and would give her information about her if Georgia told her where Will was.


Fans took to Twitter to discuss the episode

Georgia is then pursued by General Azikiwe's henchmen, who had a dark connection to the plane crash, and manages to organise a protest with the widows from the crash while Judith is arrested. The episode ends with Georgia reunited with Adidja and taking her home, but fans weren't best pleased with the outcome. One person wrote: "Well, this is the worst, I mean WORST series I have ever watched... I watched it because I wanted to know what happened to Will for that to be [expletive] as well could have dreamed something better." Another person added: "All credit to the script writer for #TheWidow had me hooked. Pity you didn’t bother an ending befitting of earlier work."

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Others were seriously impressed by a slightly bizarre element of the show – Georgia's ponytail! Joking on Twitter, one person wrote: "Georgia's done well to keep that bouncy curl ponytail to say how humid it looks over there," while another added: "Pretty sure Georgia's humidity defying ponytail is the most believable element of the show."

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